Just What “I Feel”

Sentences that begin with “I feel that…” are not based on anything other that that pronoun “I” This is basic english grammar that we can all agree on. In the “religious” community these same sentences occur. Typically in what are known as “religious controversies” In the early church issues arose that caused such controversy andContinue reading “Just What “I Feel””

Guard Your Heart

“Keep your heart from all vigilance, for from it flows the springs of life.” -Proverbs 4:23 What is in your heart? Is your heart full of love and joy, or is it full of hate, deceit, and foolishness? Are you taking care of your heart? Is God there? Are you letting God in or keepingContinue reading “Guard Your Heart”

Fruits of the Spirit

Galatians 5:16-26 16 But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17 For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh, for these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you wantContinue reading “Fruits of the Spirit”

My Journaling Bible

Bible Journaling has become a favorite hobby of mine just in the past year or two. This is my ESV Single Column Journaling Bible by Crossway. I would highly recommend this particular bible to absolutely anyone. If you are not into drawing in your bible, this is a great bible to use to take notes.Continue reading “My Journaling Bible”