Stop Depending On Yourself

I’m the first to admit that I have deep issues when it comes to trust. The simple fact is everyone will let you down. Intentionally or unintentionally it is bound to happen at some point.  “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”        Psalm 16:9 God createdContinue reading “Stop Depending On Yourself”

Just What “I Feel”

Sentences that begin with “I feel that…” are not based on anything other that that pronoun “I” This is basic english grammar that we can all agree on. In the “religious” community these same sentences occur. Typically in what are known as “religious controversies” In the early church issues arose that caused such controversy andContinue reading “Just What “I Feel””

Actions Impact Feelings

I’ve found that my emotions constantly change and I believe this is true for most all human beings. Even the smallest things in each day can make us react with a variety of emotions. One thing that I’ve been trying to put into practice is incorporating habits of happiness in my daily lifestyle. A statementContinue reading “Actions Impact Feelings”

Have An Abundant Life

As humans in this day of age we seek instant gratification and simply forget to practice patience in our daily lives. We want things when we want them. We look at the lives of others and often think the grass is greener on the other side. We tend to forget the big picture and whatContinue reading “Have An Abundant Life”

Finding Prince Charming

As a child I dreamed of Disney romances of my own. I wanted to be a princess and ride off into the sunset with my Prince Charming. I wanted nothing more than to hope for a happily ever after. After I began dating I realized that Prince Charming was going to be really difficult toContinue reading “Finding Prince Charming”