Just A Little Something

So, lately I have been fascinated with the little things in life. We get to live this life with every little detail. Not just the highlights, like it’s a movie, but we get to live in every little moment in between. That may be a very obvious statement of observation, but stick with me here. I’m getting somewhere… Ever since I remember, I’ve always gotten excited about pouring a glass of soda. I love watching the soda fizz up to the rim of the cup so that I can slurp it right up. I really enjoy the way the sun’s rays peak through clouds making those little spotlights through the clouds. I love the smell of fresh flowers. And the feeling after waking up from a much needed nap is just so good. Okay, you’re probably really doubting that a point will ever be made now. Okay, you can face palm. It’s fine. Let me continue…

I love opening the blinds in the morning and seeing those first little rays of sunlight coming through into my home. That’s beautiful. Okay, just agree. It’s really great.

Okay, now for the point of this post…I don’t think that we can fully appreciate the big things in life if we don’t understand how to appreciate the little things, because the big things in life require a lot of little things to happen. Often times, the big things are just a huge culmination of little events. Little things that we do everyday make big differences. It’s like when you’re brewing a cup of coffee in the morning it takes one little action of clicking a button on that coffee maker for the whole thing to work, and if you don’t do that little thing you don’t get to enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee. If you don’t get to enjoy that nice warm cup of coffee you might not have a wonderful day that day (I mean I’m not saying coffee has to make your day go perfectly, but I will say that it makes it a little better.) Can I get an amen from my avid coffee drinkers out there? If you didn’t have that energized cup of coffee that day you might have not had that wonderful breakthrough that led to that really great meeting at work that led you to leading an important project, which led to a promotion. And led to me describing that through a choppy run on sentence…I’m not going to say that you wouldn’t have been successful without the cup of coffee, but you needed that cup of coffee and it all started with remembering to plug in the coffee maker and hit that little on-switch. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed noticing the little things the little things that spark inspiration to do bigger things. It’s all a domino effect.

And I hope this little post does just that. I hope that it’s the little kinder to the fire that creates a massive bonfire of living out some inspired dreams.

Do the little things. Say a little prayer throughout the day. Read a little bible. Meditate on a little scripture. And watch Jesus change your life. Little by little. It’ll lead up to some very big things.

Go live a little. Love a little. Eventually you’ll be living love in a lot of BIG ways.

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