Be A Miracle

Be a Miracle (2)Where is my burning bush? I’ve asked myself this question so many times in the past. We all want that undeniable miracle. Am I right? We want that powerful, undeniable, shocking sign from God of direction and purpose. And while I will not denying the power of God to work signs and wonders in our lives today, I think we oftentimes forget the meaning behind the miracle. A miracle is mere proof of God. We already have that. We have the written words of God himself. And when we put those words in our hearts and obey them we find ourselves living out a miracle. As Christians, we are living proof of the power of Jesus. We are living miracles. Living proof. Our devotion to God is a living miracle of God’s love for us, and proof that perfection can be restored.

I’ve learned that the burning bush was not a miracle. It was God calling us to be miracles. And it’s a call you can not ignore. You can say no, but you can not deny the power of God. God spoke through the bush, just like he speaks to us today. Through the written bible, and Christians living peculiar lives of righteousness we can hear God calling. God is calling us deeper into a personal relationship with Him.

In the past few months I’ve been reading through the old testament. There are so many miracles that just prove who God is, and how he loves and protects His people. God clearly uses these miracles to prove how deeply He longs for a relationship with his people.

God protected his people with plagues of the proof of His power. He parted the Red Sea, providing them safe passage and escape from their enemies. God provided them food in the wilderness and was their guide. God protected them from their enemies and made them victorious in battles. God was with them. God was always on their side. God taught them discipline through 10 specific Commandments that outlined how to love God and loves others. God punished them when they disobeyed, because his love is so great. Even when the people worshiped other gods and doubted in the one true God, God was faithful in their return to righteousness. On the contrast, I’ve also noticed that when people flee from God, God lets them escape into the hands of enemies and misfortune only to prove that His power is Almighty and no one compares to His great love.

We can learn through history that God’s love is deep, rich, and indescribably wonderful. And without that burning passion in our hearts we loose the very presence of God.

Instead of a burning bush, as Christians we have received the gift of the Holy Spirit which burns within our hearts for eternity.  An eternal flame burning brightly for God. And that is greater than any burning bush. Far greater.

And that is deep.

Personal and intimate.

True and pure.

A relationship with God that is linked by the blood of our perfect Savior, Jesus Christ.

It’s bigger than a burning bush. It’s an eternal flame within our hearts.

Have you neglected to see your burning bush? God is calling you on a journey. The bush isn’t the miracle, it’s the call to wake up and follow Jesus to the Promised Land that He has prepared for you in Heaven. Just like Moses, you may feel inadequate. It may seem impossible and all sorts of crazy. Friends, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s easy. It’s not easy. It’s the most difficult way to live, but it’s also the most rewarding way to live. It’s a life of freedom and purpose. You will find blessings beyond measure, and a hope that nothing and nobody can break. God always wins. Let him win your heart, and fall in love with him.

I want to encourage you to answer the call. Live fearlessly in the pursuit of righteousness and true relationship with our Heavenly Father. Remember that every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

God is light and love. Go live love. Magnify your soul.

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