Desiring Sanctification

Satan uses deception to redefine God’s creation. When we listen to Satan and believe his lies we forget the truth and promises of God. And God’s promises never fail, because God is the very Creator of love, and God is love.

When we desire sanctification we desire to flee from the lies of deception and cling to what is good and true.

Sanctification is a process and it can be uncomfortable at first. It’s the process of becoming clean, pursuing good, and running away from evil. And sometimes that can look messy, feel uncomfortable, and Satan will chase you when you start running away from evil.

The cool part is that God always wins. We can have complete confidence in that. We are garanteed safety in God’s arms of love. God always wants us. God always loves us.

The process of sanctification ends in one being sanctified. Those who are sanctified are brought to completion; ready and willing to live as a living sacrifice.

That means that we die daily to our fleshly desires so that we may walk by the spirit. We must take actionable steps toward righteous living. We must replace habits in our lives that don’t glorify God with habits that do. We must turn away from evil and run toward God.

Satan doesn’t love us. Satan abuses us, and calls us to destruction. God calls to everlasting joy, loves us immensely, and calls us to light and abundant life.

Start the sanctification process. Be sanctified. Live sanctified.

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