Praying for Patience

I’m on the go all the time, and it is difficult to make time for things that truly matter when I have mandatory responsibilities that are furthest from the passions of my heart. It can be challenging to stop, be still, and remember that God is God, and I am His.

Every month I try to focus on a word, quote, or a scripture. For the month of March I decided to focus on patience. I did more than just make it my word of the month. I earnestly prayed for it all month. I realized that this would be a process. It’s never easy to pray for patience, because to have patience you must be put in scenarios to practice patience. Patience is an action, not just a feeling.

It was difficult, but it got easier. I had breakdowns, nights where I cried myself to sleep. I had to face emotions that I haven’t fully processed. I even was to the point of seeking professional help. Y’all there were times I hated myself more than ever. It was an internal battle, a battle with my past, and a hard battle against Satan. There were times where I talked myself through what I was feeling, and words I were saying were nonsense in reality.

It was growing pains.

It’s like when a baby gets their teeth. We need teeth. They help us chew our food and talk correctly. It hurts though when a baby’s teeth come in. They cry and scream, but it’s just a part of human development. Developing patience can be just as difficult, or possibly worse. It’s not something we really want to go through. Nobody likes to see that baby in pain, but teeth are needed. Patience is needed to live the life God created for us to have.

After the growing pains are over and the teeth have grown in things are much better. The baby can eat more solid food, and is that much closer to learning to talk. As a christian, we should develop patience so that we can tackle bigger things and eat more solid food. Just as we need to continue to get calcium in our diets, we should be feeding our souls with daily scripture, positive words, heartfelt prayers, and encouragement. Stay away from things that cause cavities and get your teeth checked.

It’s July now that I’m finishing this blog post. I wanted to let this patience thing really set in and develop, before I shared this. There are still times when Satan gets to me. I may get frustrated in stressful situations. I may get impatient with people or daily tasks. Life is more relaxed and easy living with patience. So here are a few simple steps toward patience that have helped me:

  • Pray for patience everyday.
  • Recognize situations that cause you to be impatient and simply be patient.
  • Recognize that Satan is crafty and you will have to be ready to fight.
  • Fight with scripture and prayer.
  • Be humble and recognize that God is above all.
  • Let go and let God.


I’d love to hear your story or pray with you so contact me at

I cannot wait to chat with you!

God bless!


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