Glory to God

In this series “Blessings in Loneliness” we have discovered that we cannot depend on ourselves in this life, but that we should walk with God. We see that it’s okay to let the tears fall down and admit our brokenness, and after realizing we have ventured off the path we need to look at our map, the Bible, and run to God.

The question that this post will cover is “What now?” I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. What now? I’ve realized I need God, I tore down my walls, I let God in. I ran to Him and left everything behind. So now what?

Now is the time to glorify God.

Thank God for the journey that has not stopped, but is continuing. Praise God for everything He is. Praise Him for changing your life. It’s okay to not know the answers today, because God knows it all and He is with you. Thank Him for being there for you. Glory to God, because He was right there in the storm and is always at your side. Today He is right beside you. Never forget to give Him glory. He is the reason you are alive, so give Him all the praise and glory. He is the reason you are blessed in this season of loneliness. May your Spirit be given strength and healing in this season. You are so loved by a God who is caring, merciful, gracious, and comforting beyond measure.

May your season of loneliness be blessed and may you fall in greater love with our God day by day.

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