Run to God

Running requires endurance. A runner must have the perseverance to push themselves past limiting beliefs. It is easy to give up and stop running because of stress, fatigue, or tiredness, but a true runner understands this and continues to run despite whatever the obstacle. The runner has a goal and knows their purpose. They have their eyes fixed on the finish line and will see to it that they finish the race they have began.

When we are lonely it’s hard to desire to run. I’ve faced several times in my spiritual life where I simply give up for a bit. I take a break. I stop running. Satan can and will attack you in these times. What we must do is prepare for these attacks and be ready to run to God and away from sin. During seasons of loneliness it is easy to stop running. It’s easy to walk off the path altogether and wander off course. In a previous post entitled “Stop Depending on Yourself” I explain the dangers of depending only on yourself in these times of loneliness, and to depend solely on God. In order to build that dependence on God, we must run to Him. We must put away the stress and anxiety. We have to maintain strength and endure.

As a runner trains for a marathon, it is the same in our spiritual walk. We must read and study God’s word in order to know how to train correctly for this journey. As we train, we may find that certain exercises strengthen us better than others. We must find what work best so that we can grow spiritually strong.

If we decided to travel a path and become lost we must look at our map, the bible, and allow God to direct our steps. Running to God can be a challenge, especially when we feel that we are running alone. You are not running alone, but rather others are running their own race too. Running is known as an individual sport. It requires self-motivation, training, and mental strength. In a race it is encouraging to see other runners surrounding you, but there will be times in your race that you feel alone. The cheers from people will surround the finish line when you are miles away in wooded, hilly terrain and cannot hear anything, but you’re own steady breath. Other runners may pass you by, leaving you behind. It will feel like you are all alone, and then after such challenges and lack of motivation to finish, you will approach those last two hundred yards filled with cheers that will spark you with motivation. You will cross the finish line and you’ll be among those who have also finished.

If you have ran away from God and ventured on a path off course, come back. Run to God and you will never be alone. God is always there.

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