Love So Amazing

“Love so amazing, so divine: Demands my soul, my life, my all”
I’ve sung this hymn countless times, but have only recently begun to really search my soul and see the impact this song should have on our lives. Because of God’s love, God’s amazing love, and His divine love we are demanded to give our souls, our lives, and our all to Him. There is nothing we, as imperfect humans with messy lives, can give God that compares in equality to his amazing and divine love. So why not give our all to God? He has given us His all and we are created by his mighty hand with instructions to obey Him and serve Him. It should humble us greatly to see that the God of everything has given His all for us. We have nothing to be proud of in comparison to the greatness and all superiority of God. Not only that, but He wants a real and genuine relationship with us. He wants to be close to us. God is ruler of all things, loves us beyond measure, and wants to work in our lives in big ways. He is bigger than anything we can imagine, and greater than the best sights the world has ever seen. He is true, and mighty. He is strong and powerful. He is more than worthy of all our praises and at that deserves far more. He is our rock and our purpose of life. He is our Creator the only being that has authority and we were created by Him with purpose. If this is not true love, what can be? This love so amazing, so divine; it demands our souls, our lives, our all.

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